February 13, 2007

I moved.

As the title says I moved.

The reasons are all explained over there. I want to thank Tim for all the work he did for me with this blog space. It was good of him, hell it was awsome of him to have set this first blog up for me, but it was time to move on in a way.


Maybe I'll see some of you over there.


January 7, 2007

Gears they do be turning

Antikythera Mechanism
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Feeling the need to clear out some faulty gears from the lower back mechanisms of my mind, spruce the place up a bit; you know dust out the works, restring some bands, swap out a few chipped gears and well wait for a new circuitry pump for the old hydraulic system, which Iím sure will be up and running in a satisfactory manner at some time, I thought to indulge in a big run on sentence and some poking around in the electric weeds out here on the edge of the internet.

A tick or two back, over spots of seasonal latte addiction and general net meandering I mentioned wanting to build one of these.

Well thatís all tickity boo and such, considering I have no talents to do that or any schematics to work from. So off I go looking for them.

Copy name from article insert into WikapediaÖ ah well hell that was easy. (Moves initial plans for the burning the Internet down a notch on the priority list.) I didnít even get a chance to dawn my pith helmet or fight of Microsoft strings of spaghetti code constrictors. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_Mechanism

Oh look thereís a lovely looking schematic here. Nice, but not enough, Iíll need dimensions. Best press on.

This dusting out of my own gears is getting my room foggy with old ideas. I keep discovering post it notes stuck to my shirt scrawled with schemes, plot threads, and detritus of musings. Itís all seemingly tacky of spirit. Best have a smoke then return to the hunt.

Sweet nicotine frees the gears so lovely.

Well now apparently it consists of at least 36 gears, 30 of which have been found to connect, a further 5 are housed in other fragments, and one stands alone with so far no connection. The troubling bit is the device is covered in about 2000 charactersÖ ouch. Well no matter, press on.

Well now here are the people Iíll need to talk to.

Well at least Iím closer. Good night for now.

January 4, 2007

Well thanks

Potted plant
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He walks quietly on stage, dressed as usual, like he just came back from a smoke, except he's carring a small tape recorder and total disregard for spelling and grammer rules.

He hits his mark center stage just right, then with a shy smile that only twinkles in his eyes a moment he moves a half step off to the right. Centre stage is for the socialy worthy by right of peer pecking order. He scratches his forehead and waits for silent attention knowing full well that he'll not get that rare honour. You have to have pretty cheek bones, an emo aura or scads of interpersonally acclaimed anecdotal refrence material. Oh hell a smile that's not grimicing may help as well.

With no silence offered, he tapped a toe and clicked the tape recorder to play.

"It nice having you as a friend, you're so convenient."

Then he left it on rewind and play, a loop

Yup that's me a friend when it's convenient. The rest of the time when it's not...

He shrugged.

I spot light shot the stage. With a wince he stepped away.

Excuse me I didn't mean to intrude. I'll just be over there, please feel free to ignor me.
You have every other time.