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when we're together

Oh but this is different. I've gone and done it, you know; I've grown up the way I wanted to. Nothing's perfect, but everything is gloriously dripping with emotion and though it might be dark there is so much possibility for brilliance.

There aren't really words strong enough to express how lucky I feel these days.

The technologies we have are so neat. And you know, I get them, and I can teach myself about the ones I don't know yet. My main obstacle these days is really my own tendency to get inexplicably depressed and fall into apathetic lethargy. I suppose that's always the way, though, when everything else is taken care of you've just got yourself to overcome.

I'd say I wish I had more time to experiment with stuff, but it'd be a lie. I don't work well with spare time. I like deadlines and impossible schedules and as much as you can pack in a day. But I've been allowing myself to slide into the lazy shore-cycle of doing as little as possible lately. It's pretty easy, because I'm still doing a lot, so justification looks logical, but I know I'd be happier if I was doing a bit more. It's just the strategy of how much more is completely ridiculous.

I need to have a workout schedule, a reed production schedule and a skiing time allotment. For a start I think that's good. Tomorrow running and tiny weights. haha.