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That thing. That thing where you're learning something and it is SO BLOODY EXCITING, but you know if you talk about it to people they will either think you've gone a bit insane or that you're bragging.

!! I made a tiny, little, itsy bitsy method in ruby and managed to get it to work in irb. GREAT GLORY AWAITS!

Now I make a game involving the fish house. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ahem. I may not be able to make the game at work...it's not strictly related to learning ruby for computer science purposes...but, IT WILL HELP. hahaha. Poor ruby, so confused about it's self. C is so much more calming, if a bit...uhm...demanding.

Still feeling a little bit like I'm not doing anything at work - mostly because I don't get the big picture (I'm not being allowed to see it) yet. Spent the last couple days quieting an angry servo with caps and frequency adjustments and finally just wrapping it's bloody wires around a little torroid. HAhahaha. Now I wait for parts to arrive and pretend that I'm not laughing at the terrible code tutorial jokes.

The library won't let me get a card yet because I don't have any mail with my name on it. What bullshit is this? Ugh. No books for the homeless, I guess.

I have a tidy little image file sitting on my work laptop...but no usb to copy it to. Sigh. I'm almost ready to try linux, after all this time. hahaha. I finally broke when I couldn't use the cal command with ruby...it looked so nice! No windows equivalent that I could find. Tragic, really.

Work is so silent. There's around 8 of us in the room, usually, and no one speaks unless it's specifically needed. It's...quite pleasant, actually.