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...don't say anything at all

I have not been this viciously anti-humanity in at least a year or two. It's actually overwhelming me to the point where I had to consciously affix a mild upturning of my lips on my face in order not to kill anyone on the way home*. (No, really, it does work, even if it makes me hyper-cynical at the same time.)

Getting to the point where I can go back and forth between Ruby and C and make them do almost the same thing. Can't quite get Ruby to do the inline C trick yet, though. I have a suspicion that it's because I'm using a windows environment. I'm too self conscious to learn Linux at work, and too tired when I get home...possibly I'll try it on the weekend if I'm feeling a bit energetic.

We were supposed to get to test our lovely little servo CCTs today, but no luck; seems it got busy all of a sudden. I'm really getting quite tired of not being given any work to do for long periods of time. It's a weird line between not bothering your supervisor too much about what you should do and looking like a lazy ass because you don't. Gah. Well, I certainly wasn't going to say anything today; in my present mood I might have defenestrated someone.

On the plus side, \\ - removed due to excess bitchiness -\\ Yes. It has been a day.

*Smiling. It works, bitches