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O Wow

It has been a while, hey?

I built a little servo circuit today. It was fun, and easy. Yay for breaks from thinking in bizarrely twisted not quite math. C is making me learn math from a whole new angle, and I like it, but it ties my head in knots. I'm perversely resistant to anyone giving me input until I've asked for it, though, as though they'll spoil the surprise for me. heh.

Having to trick C into performing mathematical gymnastics really IS the way to learn. They should teach kids programming and then make them teach the program math. They'd learn way faster.

I think maybe I'll become a professional Layabout; traipsing from house-sitting to house-sitting, keeping my boxes on a pallet in a warehouse carefully wrapped in plastic. It's certainly economical, if a little exhausting after a while.

Word is I move into a permanent address the second week of September. I'm going to live above ground, guys. For real.

My reeds are good and I feel like I've gotten better (which of course means I'm not getting any better currently) better get back to more structured practicing soon (though the slacker practice has been super fun)